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Meeting Schedule

Board of Trustees meetings begin at 6:00 PM and are held at the District Office located at 8119 W 150 N in Angola. Meetings are open to the public. To get on the agenda for an upcoming Board meeting, please submit a letter to our office one week prior to the meeting describing in detail what you would like to discuss. If it is something that can be answered by the administrative staff you will not be placed on the meeting agenda. Many times the staff can promptly answer your questions.

           Meeting Schedule

January 24                         July 24
February 28                       August 28
March 27                            September 25
April 24                              October 23
May 22                               November 27
June 26                              December 18

2024 Board of Trustee Meeting Agendas


2023 Board of Trustee Meeting Agendas


Special Meeting Agendas

Resolutions & Ordinances

As needed, the Board of Trustees passes ordinances or resolutions to address changing needs of the district. Once passed, these resolutions and ordinances are considered active policy to be enacted and upheld. A full list of resolutions and ordinances can be found here as they are passed.