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Assisting Other Districts

June 2, 2017 West Lake RSD area is flooded. West Lake RSD serves Jones, Waldron, Steinbarger, and Tamarack Lakes.

John Shoudel Maintenance Manager, Cindy Wick Office Manager, & Mr. Miller past President of West Lakes RSD has been fighting the flood waters for over a week. Mike Seigel & Steve Stewart of Tri Lakes RSD has been helping West Lake RSD for the past 3 days. 

Mike Klavinski and Mike Reid of the SLRWD attempted to help the Team fix one of the two 4” pipes exiting the collection manhole to each of the 2 vacuum pits located outside the manhole. There were 2 pipes that stopped the digging because the trench box was resting on top of them.  

Water & gravel was washing under the trench box so they had to stop excavating for fear of losing the sandbagged area. It was uncertain what these pipes went to so we could not cut them. They were not on the as-built prints or in the construction pictures.

The Team was able to block off one vacuum pit to help West Lake keep partial service to their customers. Mark from the Noble County Highway Department was helping too.

NCHD provided their trailer mounted vacuum/jetter system. Lunch was served by the Noble County Red Cross.

It was a great Team effort of all entities involved attempting to restore sanitary sewer service to West Lakes RSD’s customers.

Kudos to John Shoudel, Cindy Wick, and Mr. Miller! Their customers should be proud of their attempt to keep them in service.