• 260.665.9865
  • 24/7 Emergency 260.316.6648
  • 8119 W 150 N, Angola, IN, 46703


Emergency & Maintenance

What do I do when I see my red light flashing and the alarm sounding or my neighbors?
Notify the District immediately at 260-665-9865, during normal business hours, or the on-call technician at 260-316-6648 to report the light & alarm 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please provide your name and telephone number and the address where the light & alarm is occurring.
Who do I call if my sewer is backing up?
Can I turn the power off to my sewer tank when I leave for the winter?

Engineering & Construction

Why do I have to hookup to the sewer system, when I live in the country?
The District’s purpose is to abate pollution in our watershed by providing sanitary sewer service to those located in our District and within 300 feet of our sanitary sewer collection pipes. Many times properties in these areas have wastewater that is polluting the watershed by flowing into a ditch or small stream.
How do I call to have the sewer line located?
Can I cover or hide my sewer tank?
Why are they digging in my yard?
How close can I build to the sewer tank or line?
Can I install a concrete driveway over the sewer line or around the sewer tank?
Can I plant a bush or landscaping in front of the sewer control panel to help hide it?
Can I hook my basement sump pump in to my sewer system?
What is FOG?
Why not flush everything down the toilet?

Billing & Administration

When is my monthly sewer bill due?
The monthly sewer payment is due on the 15th of each month. There is a 15 calendar day grace period. The payment must be in the office on or before the end of the grace period. Postmarks are not considered paid. A drop box is located just to the right of the main entrance door of the District’s administrative office located at 8119 W 150 N, Angola IN.
Why do I have to pay for the repairs to my sewer tank if someone else damaged it?
How do I request a copy of public records?
How do I get on the meeting agenda to address the Board of Trustees?
Does the Steuben Lakes Regional Waste District receive tax funds?

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