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A Brief History of the SLRWD

The Steuben Lakes Regional Waste District was established in February 1975. It was established with the help of the Steuben County Lakes Council and Jackson, Jamestown, Millgrove & Pleasant Township Trustees to help prevent sanitary sewer pollution into the lakes and streams. The Board of Trustees governs the District. The Board consists of seven members appointed by the township trustee of each township the District services. The Board of Trustees employs a superintendent to administer the daily activities of the District and its staff. The Board of Trustees establishes the rates and charges through public hearings from which are derived the only revenue the District has for the operation, maintenance, and capital debt reduction.

Beginning in 1975 through 2005 the District operated and maintained large sewer filter beds to treat the sanitary waste that was pumped from each home. This type of system is referred to as a septic tank and effluent pumping (STEP) system, which still serves three areas serving approximately 250 customers. This was the largest alternative sanitary sewer system in the State of Indiana.

In 1998, the District saw the need to change from the filter bed type of treatment to a conventional type of treatment to service the growing needs of the community it serviced.

This was accomplished by constructing a new system to replace the majority of the STEP systems at a cost of $46.1 Million.

The construction of the new treatment plant and sanitary sewer collection system was completed in May of 2005. The construction of the treatment plant involved a 1 million-gallon per day wastewater treatment plant, two-day polishing pond, ultraviolet disinfecting system, bio-solids processing facility and an administration and laboratory building. The collection system consists of approximately 154 miles of force main, 3950 residential simplex and duplex grinder pump stations, 28 main pumping stations with standby power generators at the major lift stations, and 460 air release valve & flushing stations. The staff now consists of the superintendent, office manager, four office support staff, treatment plant operator, laboratory technician, bio-solids process equipment operator, collection system supervisor, lead maintenance technician and five maintenance technicians.

A Lake Pleasant development group petitioned the District in December 2006 to become a part of the District. The Pleasant Shores Front Lot Development, Inc. entered into an agreement to install at no cost to the District the sanitary sewer collect system valued at approximately $762,000.00. This was installed and turned over to the District, which currently added 24 new customers with the potential total of 295 customers.

The Town of Orland, Wall, and Brown Lake petitioned to be included in the District which was approved May 10, 2007. Construction of the $6.1M Town of Orland/Wall & Brown Lakes Sanitary Sewer Extension Project was substantially completed in June 2010. The Steuben Lakes Regional Waste District’s sanitary sewer collection and treatment facilities currently benefits 4977 existing residential, commercial, and industrial users. The new sanitary sewer system is capable to handle additional homes and businesses to support community growth.

The District expanded the Lake Pleasant sanitary sewer collection system after two lake associations petitioned their Township Trustee to be a part of the Steuben Lakes Regional Waste District. The petition was approved by the District on December 13, 2012.

The Lake Pleasant Sanitary Sewer Extension Project was completed in November 2016. This added 113 new customers to the District.

The District’s service area includes Millgrove, Jamestown, Jackson, and Pleasant Townships in Steuben County and the service area extends into Greenfield Township, LaGrange County and Gilead Township, Michigan bordering north of Lake Pleasant. The District serves approximately 5,109 connections to the sanitary sewer collection and treatment system. The approximate current value of the sanitary sewer collection and treatment plant system is $61 Million.

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